Website Developer

Hey, we’re The Content Marketing Agency – or CMA, as those in the know call us. As a fast-growing agency specialising in marketing, design and development, we’re on the hunt for a talented and driven website developer to join our team. Sounds like you? Then read on…

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £19,000 pa – £26,000 pa (depending on experience)
Location: Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Experience: All invited to apply
Closing Date: 20/11/2023

Website Developer Role

Are you a website developer looking for a new career in the Grimsby area? Then we’ve got the job for you.

We need someone with a skill set as dynamic as a cat trying to catch a laser pointer beam. Sure, experience and education is important but, like a door, with the right person we’re open to suggestions.

As CMA’s newest website developer, you’ll have an excellent opportunity for professional growth and development within a collaborative and innovative work environment.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or already well into it, we encourage all experience levels to jump in and apply. 


  • CSS
  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • WordPress – CMS, Plugins & Themes

Do you have any of these other swanky skills on your developer tool belt?

    • SASS
    • GIT (BitBucket)
    • Frameworks (eg Laravel, VUE.js)
    • Composer
    • WordPress – CMS, Plugins & Themes
    • NODE.js (NPM)
      bonus skills

      The icing on top of the cake!

      •  Understanding of AWS
      • Linux server setup including Ubuntu and NGINX
      • Understanding of agile working (Sprints, Scrums, Continuous integration)
      • Photoshop and/or Illustrator
      • Interpretive dance
      • Understanding of digital marketing

            Why Work With CMA?

            Heads up – that’s a rhetorical question. We’re a full-service marketing agency with head offices in Grimsby, England, remote hubs across the UK, and US operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At CMA, we believe in the power of creative marketing. We’re driven by excellence in service, dedication to our clients, adherence to data and a positive, can-do attitude. 

            Creating Seriously Good
            Shit Together

            There’s No ‘I’ in Team Unless It’s ‘Teaming Up

            Which really makes no sense. What does make sense is this: people don’t work for CMA. They work with CMA. Like a Casio MS-80S Calculator, we are a sum of our parts. We are on a mission together. One to create opportunities. To create careers. And to do so by creating brilliant work.

            It’s simple mathematics. At CMA, we don’t just hire individuals; we build a community. We’re on a journey to make a difference and unlock potential. Are you ready to join us?

            Things You’ll Love

            • Global presence: Join a team with a global reach, working on projects that span the world.
            • Hybrid workplace: Experience the best of both worlds with remote and in-office work options.
            • Cool technology: Stay on the cutting edge of tech and tools.
            • Cutting-edge expertise: Learn from the best in the business.
            • Competitive salaries: Your hard work is rewarded.
            • Career development: Fuel your growth and learning.

            At CMA, no day is ever the same. Be prepared for exciting challenges, diverse projects and a continuous stream of inspiration. Our fast-paced environment keeps things interesting.

            The Pathway

            Your career with CMA is a journey. With every project, you’re learning and growing. We invest in your future with training, workshops and mentorship programmes.

            Outside of working with the best team on the planet, what else can you expect? Here’s a few other sprinkles to dust your doughnut:

            • Unleash Your Potential: At CMA, the sky’s not the limit; it’s just the beginning. We encourage you to reach for the stars and support you all the way.
            • Career Development: Our commitment to your growth is more than just a promise. We provide training, workshops and mentorship programs.
            • Healthy Time Off: You’ll get time for yourself – be it vacations, personal leave or celebrating your birthday in style.
            • Bonuses: We believe in sharing the success. Enjoy a variety of bonuses, from referrals to perks and revenue sharing.
            • Respect and Inclusion: Your voice matters, and we value it. We’re all part of the CMA family.
            • Flexible Work Arrangements: We understand the importance of work-life balance. You can tailor your work to suit your lifestyle.
            • Creative Freedom: Your ideas are your own, and we encourage you to bring them to life. Make your mark with us.
            • Modern Workplace: We provide a dynamic, modern environment, complete with coffee and the occasional pool game.
            • Social Events: Our bond doesn’t stop at the workplace. We organise fun social events, ensuring that we not only work together but also hang out together.

            Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword at CMA; it’s in our DNA. We live and breathe it. When we say we work together, we mean it. Whether it’s solving a complex problem or brainstorming the next big idea, our team thrives on collaboration. It’s about more than just the work; it’s about the journey.

            How to apply?

            Please send CVs and expressions of interest to We’ll acknowledge receipt of your application. Those who pop on paper we’ll invite for a chat, including (virtual?) coffee and possibly biscuits (or cookies, if virtual).