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With CMA, you never
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Areas of Expertise

Get Connected with Marketing, then get Connected  with Customers.

CMA is your full service marketing agency. Whether you need help with specific skills, standalone campaigns or the full shebang, your dedicated team will help you turn heads, then profits.

Marketing Strategy

Crafting your roadmap to fame. CMA plots your course in the marketing maze, leading to brand stardom.

Strategise Now

Content Marketing

Content that conquers. From blogs to vlogs, we’re the wizards turning words into wonders. 

Unleash Content Magic

Search Engine Optimisation

Top of the search, top of mind. We’re the SEO ninjas making sure you’re not just found, you’re favored.

Optimise Now

Paid Media Marketing

Ads that add value. We make every penny count with campaigns that capture and convert.

Amplify with Ads

Public Relations (PR)

Public Relations, Private Triumphs. We craft stories that put you in the limelight, where you belong.

Shine in PR

Search Engine Marketing

Clicks that count. Our SEM strategies ensure you’re not just in the game; you’re winning it. 

Boost Your Clicks

Content Strategy

Stories that stick. CMA strategises content that captures hearts and minds, weaving your brand into daily conversations.

Spin Your Story

Out-of-Home Advertising

From the SuperBowl, to the cricket World Cup, from billboards to bus stops, we make every space a stage for your brand’s story.

Advertise Out Loud

Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven dazzle. We turn numbers into narratives that shape smarter strategies. 

Analyze to Amaze

Email Marketing

Inboxes love us. We turn emails into engaging escapades that click and convert.

Send Winning Emails

Advertising Campaigns

Campaigns that captivate. From concept to curtain call, we ensure your ads aren’t just seen, they’re remembered. 

Launch Campaigns

Marketing Consultancy

Your brand, our brainpower. Together, we’ll brainstorm strategies that skyrocket success.

Consult the Pros

Service spotlight

Brand Strategy

Customers are finding our Brand Strategy Service hotter than a baked potato in a heatwave

Captivates, Connects & Converts.

  • Before you market, get ready to market with a brand strategy.
  • Weave your brand's DNA into a narrative that captivates, connects and converts.
  • Align your buyers’ goals with your business goals.
  • Create a brand voice that speaks to them.
  • Understand what they are typing into Google to find you (and the competition).
  • Create a bible of unified messaging optimised for your buyers, search and future-marketing campaigns.
  • Structure your product/ service offering around your customers needs.
  • Bring everything to life through branding and design.
  • Centralise everything in brand guidelines.
  • Implement this into your digital and print infrastructure.
  • Start marketing.
  • Reap the rewards of brand awareness, lead generation and market domination.

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These brands left the plate spinning to us. Now we’re here to do the same for you. From small, medium to big business, if you’ve got a vision, we’ve got a plan.

Just because it’s not listed, doesn’t mean we’re not willing to listen.We want to hear from YOU.

Stefan Georgiou | Creative Director

We’re always on the lookout for individuals with specialisms in 

Strategy / Marketing / Content Creation / SEO / Social Media / Paid Media / Print / Graphic Design / Digital Design / Videography / CRM and Sales Integration / Client Management / Workflow Processes / IT / Business Management / HR / Accounts 

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