GoDaddy is the world’s leading Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. CMA provided a full omni-channel marketing experience for GoDaddy in the UK and to its partner brands around the world.



This project threw the spotlight onto the passions of GoDaddy’s customers – who are typically business people, side hustlers, solopreneurs and start ups. People who have decided they’ve had enough of the nine-to-five and want to pursue their passion, for profit, 24/7.

By putting the considerable might of their marketing platforms behind their customer’s businesses, GoDaddy shares the good word, inspires the next generation and cements its position as the enabler of good small business.

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The content stayed fresh and relevant by focusing on a series of GoDaddy customers, to discover how and why they followed their passions, and how GoDaddy enabled that passion to progress into a business – thus becoming their purpose.

We let the passion lead the content. The customer’s business and personality was the focus of each mini campaign, generating interest in a range of market sectors.

Sandwiched within this customer-focused content were the subtle nods to the GoDaddy tools and services that supported the customer and helped deliver their goals.

CMA’s Key Responsibilities


Running narrative of customer’s passion and purpose throughout the month, across multiple platforms:


  • Producing and scheduling a main video with product features.
  • Creating a supporting carousel showing the journey from passion to purpose.
  • Supporting posts throughout the month detailing Customer, Product and Inspiration plus a CTA.
  • Reels to support the ‘behind the scenes’ of featured businesses, including user-generated content, presenting a more human – less produced side to increase relatability.
  • Stories to support engagement – asking questions, polls, quizzes etc, related to the passion in focus.


  • Producing and scheduling a main video with product features.
  • Intermittent posts to be themed around passion/customer throughout the month.
  • A mix of relevant content including: Inspirational/Quote/Engagement/Product/Behind the scenes etc.


  • Producing and scheduling a main video with product features.
  • More focus on blog content.
  • Engagement questions.

All platforms would feature a ‘Site Showcase’ on the featured business each month. As the main selling point to showcase GoDaddy products entirely.

Also, online competitions added authenticity to customer storytelling and partnerships, softening the branded ‘sold-to’ element. Using prizes from customers demonstrated support for their craft, supplemented with high value prizes such as Apple products. The competitions employed a simple mechanic and a custom audience was built to ensure quality entries (who would continue to follow after the giveaway).


The online competitions which ran as an integral part of this campaign had a Reach of 1,611,567. This was a 567% increase, year-on-year.

These competitions were a key driver of engagements and followers, also improving organic stats across the whole campaign.

The overall reach for the entire #MyPassionProject campaign was an astounding 7,617,721 people.

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