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February 2024
February 2024

Matthew Pattinson

I'm a 4 Slice Toaster with frozen, cancel and reheat settings to ensure easy operation whilst the variable browning control means your toast is perfectly cooked, just to your liking. When I'm not toasting, I'm living the agency life as managing director of CMA. What a life.

As creative strategists, marketers and technologists, rarely do we shine the spotlight on ourselves. ‘Make it about them, not us’ – is our mantra. But rules are made to be broken. So, seeing as we are kinda rebels, I wanted to pull back the curtain and talk about our multi-year development from a marketing agency into a full holistic service provider. 

CMA’s transformative journey of redefining our service offering means customers now access all their Marketing, Design, Development and Technology needs in one place. Forget about rounding up The Expendables when you have The Dependables on your side. CMA’s fully integrated solution is something our customers love – and you will, too. Simplify things with one point of contact, one vision, one force, all dedicated to you

You stay focussed on what you do best while we creatively, strategically and technologically calibrate all aspects of your operations from digital strategy, branding and marketing, to sales, retention, upsell and beyond. 

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the CMA experience in 2024. 

The four pillars of
CMA’s service offering


Whether it’s operations, marketing, sales or customer lifecycle management, every facet of business now requires a unified, strategic approach, integrated and ready for the market. It is this understanding of the interconnected nature of modern business, that led us to develop our four new holistic service areas.

As we adapted to these evolving needs, CMA crystallised our offerings into four distinct yet interconnected categories. Each is designed to not only address specific challenges but to synergise (yeah, business speak) with the others, creating a comprehensive solution tailored for any business looking to thrive in today’s digital landscape.

Marketing Services:

Including: Marketing Strategy / Content Strategy / Content Marketing / Email Marketing / Social Media / SEM / SEO / Paid Media / Reporting / PR / Consultancy / Out-Of-Home / Advertising Campaigns

Design Services:

Including: Graphic Design / Web Design / UX/UI Design / Motion Graphics & Animation / Video Production / Audio Production / Brand Strategy & Development / 3D Design / Illustration / Print

Development Services:

Including: Website Development / Commerce Development / Software Development / App Development / Virtual Reality Development /Game Development

Technology Services:

Including: CRM Systems / Technology as a Service / Digital Transformation / ERP / Learning Management Systems

Your challenges are our solutions

From partnering with leading brands to niche business, we’ve garnered insights across the spectrum. Whether it was connecting hosting providers with their customer base, reimagining educational platforms, reinventing the way a Twinkie is marketed or revolutionising packaging design, we uncovered a universal set of challenges pretty much all businesses face. Our answer to solving these challenges was to engineer a four pillar service offering – we’re nice like that.

Check out the following and, to invoke the spirit of When Harry Met Sally, if you find yourself answering ‘yes, yes, yes’ to any of the following, get in touch

 Siloed Operations:

  • Challenge: Departments working in isolation without a unified system, leading to inefficiencies, miscommunication and missed opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
  • CMA Solution: By offering integrated digital transformation services, CMA breaks down silos, ensuring that marketing, sales and operations come together like The Beatles, aligning with the overarching business strategy.

Inconsistent Brand Messaging:

  • Challenge: Varied messaging across different platforms and departments can confuse customers and dilute the brand identity.
  • CMA Solution: Through comprehensive brand strategy and development services, CMA ensures cohesive branding and messaging across all touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity and enhancing customer loyalty.

Disconnected Customer Journey:

  • Challenge: A fragmented approach to customer interactions leads to a disjointed customer experience, affecting satisfaction and retention.
  • CMA Solution: CMA’s design and marketing services work in tandem to create a seamless customer journey, from initial awareness through conversion to loyal advocacy, by leveraging UX/UI design, content marketing and customer lifecycle management strategies.

Inefficient Marketing-to-Sales Handoff:

  • Challenge: Lack of integration between marketing efforts and sales processes can result in lost leads and opportunities.
  • CMA Solution: Sales and marketing should be more Batman and Robin than Batman and The Joker. After all, they both want the best for business. So let’s get them working together. By harmonising workflows through CRM and technology services, CMA facilitates a smooth transition of leads, enhancing conversion rates and maximising ROI.

Lack of Data-Driven Decision Making:

  • Challenge: Businesses struggle to collect, analyse and act upon data, leading to decisions made on intuition rather than insights.
  • CMA Solution: With CMA’s reporting and analytics services, businesses can harness the power of data to inform strategy, optimise operations and predict market trends, ensuring decisions are grounded in real-world insights.

Adapting to Digital Evolution:

  • Challenge: The rapid pace of digital change can overwhelm businesses, making it difficult to stay ahead of trends and technology advancements.
  • CMA Solution: CMA’s development and digital transformation services are designed to keep businesses at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring they leverage the latest tools and technologies to drive growth and competitiveness.

Integrating New Technologies:

  • Challenge: Integrating new technologies into existing systems can be complex and disruptive.
  • CMA Solution: CMA’s bespoke software and app development services ensure that new technologies enhance rather than disrupt existing workflows, facilitating smooth integration and adoption.

So, do you want what she’s having? Then address your challenges through CMA’s holistic service offering. Do so with cohesive digital strategies. Partnering with us not not only solves immediate operational issues but also lays the groundwork for sustainable growth, innovation and kick ass designer marketing. 

You deserve the best

At CMA, our holistic approach to design, marketing, development and digital transformation ensures your brand not only navigates the complexities of today’s digital landscape but sets the pace for tomorrow. This was no immaculate conception. It is the result of many years’ hard work. It is the amalgamation of our incredible team’s individual and collective talents. With CMA, you get access to the best team in the world. I’m proud to say that. Our services, which are boss like Springsteen, are backed by an equally brilliant service – like E Street Band. That’s because we care. Like, really care.

In business, time is money. So, what are you waiting for? Make your goals ours by getting in touch, today.

Matthew Pattinson

I'm a 4 Slice Toaster with frozen, cancel and reheat settings to ensure easy operation whilst the variable browning control means your toast is perfectly cooked, just to your liking. When I'm not toasting, I'm living the agency life as managing director of CMA. What a life.
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