The role of the Primitive Hut in brand building

December 2023
December 2023

Mark E. Ting

Hey, I'm Mark E. Ting. Your CMA marketing maestro. Always here to help, 24/7. I love all things content, SEO, design and development. I also have a penchant for lions and fast cars.

Creative director, Stefan Georgiou, on the three huts that truly matter to him: Pizza Hut, Jabba the Hut and The Primitive Hut.

Stefan Georgiou wanders into the lobby of the Telegraph House Business Centre in Grimsby, looking flustered. He’s running late for an interview in which he’ll chew over the role of The Primitive Hut in branding building. A client meeting over ran, he tells me. 

We chat for a moment about a seagull that’s perched in front of the entrance which, even by Lincolnshire standards, is unusually big. “It’s people feeding them chips,” he says, sliding a Maccies’ fry into his mouth almost on cue.

He is wearing a beige trench coat, an ethnic-looking scarf, chinos and brown work boots. It’s typical attire for Georgiou. He fits the bill of a creative director; one you might expect to see in a big city. But his ideas don’t take purchase in London, they take purchase in a small coastal town. Then they set sail around the world.

Now, 34, he’s skilled as he is experienced. From educator, to designer, to all-round marketer, to creative director, today Georgiou mashes his experiences together to form intricate strategic processes and theories that guide creative output from conception to inception. The theory of The Primitive Hut in branding, he tells me, stepping into the waiting elevator, had been percolating in his mind’s eye for the best part of a decade. It was only on a recent internal project – the rebranding of CMA’s sister company in Boston, Masscuettes – that he stumbled upon an opportunity to model out his theory in the real world. 

Ping. The elevator voice says “level 3”. The door opens and we make our way to the meeting room where a recorder, laptop and coffee awaits.

Here’s what our creative director
had to say

Stefan, let’s dive into the concept of ‘The Primitive Hut’ in brand building. Can you explain why this architectural idea is relevant to the branding world?

“Absolutely. The Primitive Hut essentially suggests that simple, natural forms are the basis of all architectural design. In branding, this translates to the significance of simplicity, natural elements and a connection with nature in design. Think of it as creating a brand that’s timeless, versatile and deeply rooted in tradition.”

So, how can businesses utilise the principles of the Primitive Hut to build their brand effectively?

“There are a few key takeaways here. First, emphasise simplicity in your brand design and messaging. Clean, minimalistic visuals and straightforward communication are key. Second, focus on functionality. Ensure that your brand offers practical solutions for your customers.”

That’s interesting. Can you explain more about how brands can establish a connection with nature through the Primitive Hut concept?

“Certainly. By incorporating natural elements and designs into your branding, you can create an emotional connection with your audience. This connection can have a positive impact on how customers perceive your brand. It’s about evoking emotions and establishing authenticity.

You mentioned being rooted in tradition. How can a brand do that effectively?

“Tradition and heritage can be powerful in branding. Brands can emphasise their history and values, building trust and credibility. Think about it as grounding your brand in a solid foundation, just like the primitive hut is rooted in the basics of architecture.”

Now, let’s shift the focus to how ‘Edit’, the sister content strategy agency of CMA, utilise the Primitive Hut concept in its branding. What specific steps did you and your team take in incorporating these principles into the brand?

“For ‘Edit’, it’s about emphasising simplicity and a connection to nature in its brand messaging and visual identity. The content strategy agency now positions itself as a company that values clarity and authenticity. This inspires a clean, minimalist visual style that effectively communicates its dedication to clear and impactful messaging.”

You’ve made a fascinating connection between the concept of the Primitive Hut and the building blocks of language, words and letters. Can you elaborate on how a content marketing agency can use this connection to create a strong brand identity?

“Absolutely. Both a primitive hut and language use simple, straightforward building blocks. By using these basic elements effectively, ‘Edit’ or any content marketing agency can create a brand identity that’s easy to understand and engaging. It aligns with the concept of simplicity and natural elements, which the Primitive Hut represents.”

It’s intriguing how you’ve connected different font styles to the Primitive Hut concept. How can the choice of font impact a brand’s alignment with the Primitive Hut’s values and aesthetics?

“Font choices are crucial in branding. San serif fonts with their clean lines evoke simplicity and naturalism, while serif fonts with embellished lines convey tradition and timelessness. The right font selection can align a brand with the values and aesthetics of the Primitive Hut, ultimately contributing to its brand identity.”

In conclusion, how can the Primitive Hut concept guide brands in their quest to connect with consumers and create a memorable brand image?

“The Primitive Hut reminds us that simplicity, natural origins, and focus on the essentials are powerful in branding. It encourages brands to connect with their audience in a natural and straightforward way. In a world filled with complexities, such simplicity can make a brand truly memorable.”

You can visit edit here.

Explore your brand strategy

If you’re eager to delve deeper into your brand’s potential, why not pick the brain of our creative director, Stefan Georgiou? Let’s ignite a conversation about your brand’s story and how we can make it stand out. 

Get in touch with him today and let’s craft your brand’s narrative together. Your brand’s primitive beginnings could be its most powerful asset.

Mark E. Ting

Hey, I'm Mark E. Ting. Your CMA marketing maestro. Always here to help, 24/7. I love all things content, SEO, design and development. I also have a penchant for lions and fast cars.
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