Radio adverts work because we all love to be told stories. That is what good radio adverts are – stories that create emotions that lead to purchases.

What’s more, we have never been more tuned-in to listening than we are right now, thanks to the immense popularity of audiobooks and podcasts.

At the same time, there has never been more radio to listen to – with dozens of digital stations and hundreds of online stations all available at the click of a button. This is why radio advertising revenue in 2019 was an astonishing £702 million. Scores of successful businesses wouldn’t be spending that much money if they weren’t getting demonstrable results.


Research by The Radiocentre – British commercial radio’s research and regulatory body – has shown that radio advertising returns an astonishing return of investment (ROI) of £7.70 for every £1 spent.

This ROI outperforms press, outdoor and even online ads. The only higher ROI is on TV but, of course, radio adverts give you TV results without paying TV prices! Research has proven that radio adverts cost less than 15% the price of a comparable TV ad campaign.


Do you even watch TV ads anymore? Some subscription and on-demand services don’t have ads. When ads do come on, you likely change channels or pick up your phone and mentally tune out.

This is called ad avoidance.

When a business is advertising on an easy-to-avoid medium, they have to invest significantly more – more spots, more channels, more adverts – to get their message home.

With radio, ad avoidance is as low as 3%, which is the lowest of any medium except cinema (where viewers can’t change the channel or look away).  People don’t generally channel-change when radio ads come on because they are typically doing something else while listening.

Low ad avoidance means that radio adverts give your customers great opportunities to hear your message!


Your customers take your adverts with them, wherever they go. In their car, the radio is on and there you are. Relaxing in the garden or enjoying a bath, the radio is on and there you are. When they’re going for a walk, you’re in their ear-buds and literally in their head. 

Also, people use radio for emotional reasons. They are often alone when they listen, so radio keeps their spirits up and offers companionship. Listeners consider radio presenters to be their friends, and this relationship of trust is a welcome context in which your products can appear.

Radio adverts are one-on-one communication. So, your ad can feel like a trusted friend, talking directly to that one person. This is a very powerful way to sell, without people even noticing they’re being sold to.


Radio adverts are also proven to enhance the effectiveness of the other advertising you do. This is called the multiplier effect. Hearing your ads on the radio increases the level of brand awareness when customers see your ads in other media.

This is partly because repeating a well-conceived branded message makes it more effective, but also because radio stimulates a different part of a customer’s brain than visual adverts.

This makes your business appear to be everywhere


People listen to the radio an average of 14 hours a week. This gives you a lot of chances to get your message into their ears.

Radio adverts are the preeminent way to build your brand, but they are also a fantastically effective medium for generating customer action.

You can target listeners by age, demographics, geographical location and by taste, all through your choice of channels and the time of day you broadcast your ads.

The rapid turnaround times of production means that your radio adverts can respond swiftly and affordably to changes in your business, the marketplace or even the weather. 

Your customers are listening. Are they listening to you?


Have you considered using radio adverts to promote your business and build brand awareness? 

Not only do they offer a great return on investment but they also allow you to target listeners in a very unique way and encourage consumer action. 

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