Shakespeare: Much ado about content marketing


Apr 20

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to write great content for your website but, you know what, it wouldn’t hurt!

So, we jumped into the CMA Time Travelling Tesla, fired-up the flux capacitor, and hurtled back four hundred years to get The Bard’s thoughts on the power of good content marketing.

So, Mr. Shakespeare… tell us your thoughts on Content marketing, do.

Take control of thy content marketing

Content Marketing, say you? Well, by my fay, take thyself a seat and alloweth me bid share mine own thoughts on a subject most clear. Content marketing, dost thou see, it is the stuff our dreams are made on. T’is most certainly the way bawbling businesses of this borough can’st market themselves on a level playing field ‘longside competitors’ businesses of goodly size. Some businesses are born great, whilst some achieve greatness through content marketing!

A businessman plays many parts and marketeer, it be but one. Content marketing is thy chance to stretch out thy influence and connect with thy customers on a personal, almost intimate level, i’truth. Anon, thou can’st fill thy website with tasty morsels to tantalise thy customers into staying by thy side, sallying forth and exploring thy website and buying lots of thy wares.

Be not ashamed, thou art a merchant proud and true! Joy’s soul lies in the doing!

Research in a journal of note known i’ these parts as Time Magazine hath stated yond that if, mayhap, thy website can hold a visitor’s attention f’r just three minutes, they are twice as likely to return to thy virtual premises than if they only dawdled there for but one minute.

So, divert, delight, and delay thy good customers for just three minutes and loyal customers of thine they are more likely to be.

Prithee, the most valuable customers are the ones who return to thee, their pockets a-bulge with glistering coin.

Share thy passion

Fill up thy website with words of wisdom, if thou does’t not, then nothing shall come of nothing. 

Most certainly, thou did start thy business, fuelled by sparks of fire i’ thy belly, a kinding which fuelled thy desire to be thine own boss, to make thine own fate and to do it at thine own pace.  That business that you love, go to’t with delight. 

So it was, thou launch’d thyself out onto the tightrope of thy business, with nary a safety mesh beneath thy feet and nought but a steely det’rmination to stiffen thy stride.

Let that be thy muse of fire. Let thy content marketing reflect that truth, as though thy customers were spying in thy glass, full close and proper. 

Bid tell thy story and tell’t proud.  Be not asham’d. Weave thy spell so thy potential customers excit’d be about thyself and thy products.

Think on – How do’est thou parlay thy business to thy cater-cousins? Take the ear of thy customers in like fashion and into such full confidence, take them. For true enough, they long to hear thy story, writ large.

And let that, then, be thy content. Thy passion. Thy story. When your customers apprehend thus, you will draw profit from all things they see.

My crown is called content marketing

Forget not that thy website is much more than merely thy shop-window online. It be also thy personality online. Thy statement of intent. Strong reasons make strong actions and strong content marketing shall bring forth strong sales.

Wisely and slow is the way of content marketing. Be not thou impatient. For nought is achieved but by degrees. Content marketing helps build thee a brand, gird the loins of thy future and afford thee a spotless reputation to admire. Screw your courage to the sticking place and you’ll not fail.

Worry not, this may seem like madness but there is method in’t. After all is said and done, no profit grows where no pleasure is ta’en.

The Shakespeare code

Thanks, Bill. Well, there they are – Shakespeare’s contemplations on content marketing. He’s hit the proverbial nail on the head. Use your content marketing to share what you’re passionate about, use it to create your online reputation and draw in potential customers. It’s your chance to market like a pro.

It’s everyone’s chance to be a great writer.

And, speaking of great writers … Wonder what Charles Dickens thinks about social media for business? Hmm…

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