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Looking for a social media marketing service provider in Grimsby? Nice find. We’re CMA. Social media marketing is what we do. And now we’re going to do it for you.  

Social media. Everyone is on it. That’s why you should be too. But not just for the sake of it. You need something to say. Something to show. Something awesome. That disputes the norm. That builds followers and starts conversations.

CMA is a full design and marketing agency. That means we’ll make your social media marketing kick ass. Let’s start with a strategy. A plan that will exceed and achieve your business goals. Then we’ll create content, cool graphics and videos, build your social channels and community.

Become a business socialite 

You’re the one with the skills. With the vision. We’re the ones who know how to get you there. How? Get social with your customers through iconic, disruptive brand building social media content, graphics and videos.  Everything we do, we do it for you (Bryan Adams quote). And we do it all under one roof, right on your doorstep in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. 

Think of CMA as your very own social media and marketing department. Get empowered with: 

  • Social media and content strategies
  • Awesome content which engages buyers
  • A distinct online presence designed to attract followers through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. 
  • Influencer marketing
  • Listening, responding and commenting.
  • A deep understanding of how social and content fit into wider marketing activities is vital for this role
  • Creating, implementing, managing and tweaking paid campaigns on key platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

We do it all. So we’ll stop there. You get the picture. 

From branding, graphics, web design and development, to content, social and video marketing, unify all your marketing communications with CMA. One force. One vision. One team dedicated to you. And one who will come to love what you do just as much as you do. And you’ll love us back. Why? Because, together, we’ll rock your customers’ worlds. 

Telegraph House Grimsby

Our head offices are based at Telegraph House, 80 Cleethorpe Rd, Grimsby. Hit us up and we’ll get the kettle on. See you soon.

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